"Mongolian Railway" SOSC has been determined to be a legitimate monopoly entrepreneur in the market as the owner of the infrastructure at the Tavantolgoi/Tsogtsetsii station/-Zuunbayn railway

The Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection held its fourth meeting and discussed research to determine the owner of railway infrastructure as a legitimate market monopoly.

"Mongolian Railway" SOSC has been identified as the market's legitimate monopoly entrepreneur as the owner of the infrastructure of the 416.1 km of Tavantolgoi/Tsogtsetsii station/-Zuunbayan railway, and after voting by 100 percent of all members, the research was presented to the meeting's participants, and questions and answers were exchanged.

Tavantolgoi/Tsogtsetsii station/-Zuunbayan railway line will transport coking coal from Tavantolgoi deposit and natural resources along the route to Russian and Chinese railway networks, as well as deliver to sea ports, reducing reliance on one market and improving competitiveness.